Service by Concierge and Facilities such as Fitness Room are Well Provided for YOU.

The number one priority is to provide you the services that help you make yourself really at home.
The services include concierge services and indoor facilities such as fitness room and sauna room.
Pet friendly environment is maintained for you and you pets.

Concierge Services
Concierge Desk

Dry Cleaning & Delivery Receptions/Bell Desk/ Various referrals: Rental Cars,
Rental Storage, Food Delivery, House Cleaning, Rental Leisure Equipment,
House Keeping, Moving Companies, Linen Supplies, and etc.

Common Faciliies

Entrance Lounge
The first common lounge you encounter when you enter the building. Luxury sofa set presents a relaxing space. The lounge with modest greens provides a sense of elegance suitable for business meetings.

Fitness Room
Full-scale gym equipments are provided for full-time work-out. The pool table offers a spot for interactions among residents.

Sauna Room
It is equipped with shower and locker for your revitalization. It is perfect after a work-out at the gym.

Japanese Tea Room
It gives rare opportunities for international guests to experience Japanese tradition and customs. The room can also be used for other occasions as well.

Each lot is wide enough to accommodate large/high ceiling vehicles (H≦2,250/W=2,400). It is designed to avoid any unpleasant weather too.

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