The Grand View OSAKA is undergoing a major renovation only to be reborn with better facilities and genuine sophistication.

Property information
¢£Name The Grand View OSAKA
¢£Location 1-20-3 Juso Higashi Yodogawa-ku Osaka-Shi
¢£Transportation 5min walk from "Juso Station" of Hankyu Kobe, Takarazuka, and Kyoto Line
¢£Area Commercial Area, Semi Fire Preventive Zone
¢£Land Type Residential Land
¢£Sq Ft of Land 1,990.79㎡
¢£Sq Ft of Architecture 853.69㎡
¢£Sq Ft of Floor 10,480.88㎡¡Êwith Parking lots of985.53㎡¡Ë
¢£Structure Reinforced Concrete with 22 floors and 1 Basement)
¢£Premise Type 1 Commercial, 58 Residences
¢£Sq Ft of Residence 62.39㎡¢·300.83㎡
¢£Room Layout 1R¢·3LDK (maissonette)
¢£Parking Lot 33Lots
¢£Management Company Phoenix Kanri Co., Ltd.
¢£Construction Date October 1989
¢£Planning Takenaka Corporation
¢£Construction Takenaka Corporation
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Panoramic View