Italian Modern Luxuary, Based on white and black color which is very abstract.

Italian Modern Luxuary
renovation concept A renovation of this room was proceeded to change to an exclusive space
with a simple design using only white and black. For modern people who tend to
like colorful things, this monotone style could be seen fresh and new.

Living room



The room is floored with 600 tiles, so you can feel high-grade sense and see differences from other rooms when entering this room. The living room is separated from the dining room by a partition. The partition is not only for dividing but also for giving an accent in the room.
For keeping the color tone in the room, we changed the sheets, panels, and a face bar in the kitchen to black ones.
Although the room is not on the top story, this high-class sense is very extravagant.

Renovation Menu

Standard Plan

 French Modern

 European Vintage Modern

 Italian Modern Luxuary

 Neo Japanesque

 Neo Japanesque

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